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🙌🏾 I'm Xenia, an experienced product designer, mother of 2 &  a nature loving nomad

Companies I worked for along my way

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Recent case studies

Vulnerability Managment Platform


cyber security | 

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sales cycle management | 

More projects as a freelance PD

apps  | education | property management | web design | branding |  2014-2020

about me

About me

I am driven by a constant desire for discovery and exploration. As an Product Designer over more than 8 years, I am always on the lookout for new fields, people, and experiences, both digital and in the physical world. My passion for design has taken me on a journey through a diverse range of projects, and my insatiable curiosity and motivation have led me to constantly push the boundaries and strive for excellence.

My works reflects my versatility and adaptability, showcasing my ability to create meaningful and impactful products that resonate with people. My nomadic spirit has helped me to develop a unique perspective and a wealth of insights, allowing me to approach every project with a fresh and innovative mindset.

People Say

I worked with Xenia on the projects in order to implement and improve the UI of one of our applications. Xenia has the ability to learn fast and impressive performance in the UI field, which can definitely boost the visibility and functionality of the product. Xenia is on time and budgeting - a rare feature in the project management field. The choice of Xenia has upgraded our product and we recommend and verify her professionalism unhesitatingly!


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